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Monastery Projects

If you visit the monastery, you will see that we are currently working on several major projects.

We thank God for the continued interest and support of the faithful of our monastic communities.  While we strive to support ourselves for our daily needs as much as possible, when it comes to building and embellishing our dwellings and places of worship we depend on your love and generosity.

After many months of careful planning, we are well underway with the construction of a traditional monastic cloister.

The cloister will be styled following the example of many traditional monastic enclosures. With room for 26 monks, it will have room for growth for the future in a private monastic environment. Current existing buildings will provide reception areas, guest rooms, a library, and offices.

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Progress has been made with new wall icons installed

Installing church icons at Saint John of San Francisco Monastery

We hope to continue to adorn our catholicon with the completion of the Great Feasts of the Master in the clerestory and to have twelve male and twelve female monastic saints on the north and south walls at ground level.

The north and south walls of the sanctuary, scenes from the Life of St. John Maximovitch, and groups of North American Saints for the west wall have been completed and installed.


Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Monastery has established a cemetery where the faithful of the Metropolis can be buried.

Orthodox Christians have always had a great love for monasticism. The faithful that are buried here are perpetually commemorated during the daily cycle of services.

The Divine Liturgy is served regularly and the hieromonks serve a memorial service for the reposed daily.

View of Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Monastery Cemetery

Saint Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary

The New Seminary is thriving.

The specific objectives of the Seminary are to ensure that its students graduate with a thorough knowledge and accurate comprehension of the primacy of Scripture and its expression in, and concord with, the teachings of the Church Fathers, Holy Tradition, and the sacred doctrines of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

The seminary frequently posts public lectures, conferences, and informal interviews on their YouTube channel.

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