The Hermitage of St. Clement is a small monastery in Dawson, Georgia

Father Demetrius, monk, formerly Norman Barber, donated the 12 acre property in early 2014 hoping that his land buildings will someday be used as a monastery. When Fr Barsanuphius and Fr. Anthony arrived later that year, his wish was realized, and the Hermitage of Saint Clement was established.

Along with maintaining the monastic rule and daily services so important to the monastic life, the monastery supports the local parish and parishioners with spiritual food, most particularly, administering Holy Communion to them through the pre-sanctified Gifts as well as aiding them with their various concerns when possible. By the grace and mercy of our Savior, there have been numerous baptisms and a growing interest in the Orthodox Faith.

Accommodations for overnight visitors are provided either in the monastery itself or at our Parish Church in Albany making it convenient for individuals as well as whole families to come and attend Services.

The Hermitage of St. Clement
4867 New Hope Road, Dawson, GA 39842
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